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Are you tired of affiliate programs that promise you the Moon and the Stars?

Have you had enough of corporate fat cats making you do all the work and then rewarding you with very little?

Do you want to earn REAL COMMISSION, calculated in REAL TIME and paid out INSTANTLY, every day, all day?

We areNOTgoing to be giving you a sales pitch with all sorts of targets and limits.

Do you have access to the internet? Do you have drive and determination? Are you resourceful and creative in the way you think? Do you see problems or solutions?

If this is YOU......

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Use youraffiliate linkto invite investors to signup and use Persistence Mining. That's it. You will earn (real FIAT USD & CRYPTO BCH, ETH, LTC, BTC, DASH) a percentage (25 % - 5%FIAT & 10%-2.5%CRYPTO) of the commission charged on every single plan chosen by the person you have invited and the investors invited below them. Immediately!

The benefit of Persistence mining

Integration of Persistence Mining Profitability Booster

Powerful mining equipment that operates 24/7 without interruptions

Automatic $10 upon registration

Swift 24/7 support response


PERSISTENCE MINING Company provides cloud mining services. By investing in mining with PERSISTENCE MINING, you invest in the stable income from the production of cryptocurrencies with a team of professionals, using advanced scientific experience and technologies - such as "Mining Profitability Booster". Thanks to this technology, the clients of PERSISTENCE MINING have the opportunity to sell the earned cryptocurrency with the greatest benefit and to pay back their investments in cloud mining in the shortest possible time.